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Paper Tapes

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Kraft Paper Tapes

Made from natural fibres and hot melt adhesive, our kraft paper packaging tapes are ideal for sealing cartons, mailer boxes, and packages of various sizes.

We offer Fragile Paper Tape and UBIS Kraft paper tape to suit your diverse business needs. Fragile paper tape is ideally used for fragile shipping items, while UBIS Kraft tape is suitable for general packaging purposes.

Kraft paper tapes are preferred due to their biodegradability and recyclability.

Brown paper tapes for boxes and parcels offer a professional and minimalist appearance while ensuring the seal is strong. Their adhesive properties provide reliable bonding on different surfaces and protect packaging integrity during transit or storage.

If you’re running a craft, e-commerce, logistics or manufacturing business, you may find these kraft paper sealing tapes handy.

If you’re interested in additional packaging supplies, we also stock bulk quantities of brown paper, white paper, takeaway and wine bottle bags.

Kraft Paper Tape FAQ

1. Are Kraft Paper Tapes suitable for various surfaces?

Yes, our paper tapes provide excellent adhesion for cardboard, paper and other surfaces commonly used in packaging.

2. Are these tapes water-resistant?

While kraft paper tapes may not be completely waterproof, they can withstand moisture to some extent. Excessive moisture or prolonged exposure might reduce their adhesive strength.

3. Can I customise Kraft Paper Tapes for branding purposes?

Yes, these self adhesive brown paper tapes are plain without any text, so you can brand these with logos or messages to add a personal touch.

4. Are Kraft Paper Tapes easy to use?

Yes, these tapes are user-friendly. They can be easily torn by hand or used with a tape dispenser for convenience.

5. What sizes and quantities are available for Kraft Paper Tapes?

Popular sizes include:

  • 48mm x 48m
  • 48mm x 50m

6. Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases of kraft paper sealing tapes?

Yes, we provide discounted rates for bulk purchases, making it cost-effective for businesses to buy larger quantities. These include:

  • Pack of 6
  • Pack of 36