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Wine Gift Bags

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Wine Paper Bags Wholesale Australia

Have your pick from Paper Boss’ wine gift bags for gifting wine bottles. With our bags, you can elevate the presentation of your wine bottle gifts.

Our range of wine bottle bags are elegant, making them the perfect choice for gifting wine bottles during special occasions, celebrations [e.g. as Christmas wine gift bags] or as corporate gifts. Our quality materials and fine touch-ups make the bags a go to for professional use. If you’re running a beverage business in Australia, our wine bags can be a fine packaging option for you to consider. 

  • We offer both single and double wine gift bags to suit your business needs. While the single can hold a standard-sized wine bottle, the 2 bottle wine gift bag holds either two bottles of wine or spirits.
  • Our bulk wine bottle gift bags come in brown kraft paper, white kraft paper, blue, black and pink paper bag options. 
  • We also offer two different handle types for strong grip: twisted handles and rope handles. While the twisted handles are great for giving the wine bags a strong grip, the rope handles work well for our aesthetic bag options, helping with both appearance and functionality.

Wine isn’t the only thing that fits these bags. You can use them as gift bags for any narrow and long item. Their fine quality makes them reusable and 100% recyclable.

Redefine your gifting experience with our wine carry bags for sale, designed with features such as reinforced bottoms and sturdy handles to ensure easy transportation of wine bottles.

Reach out to us if you need samples for any of our items. We also stock takeaway bags, mailer boxes and paper tapes for bulk orders.

Wine Gift Bags (FAQ)

1. What sizes of wine bottles do these bags accommodate?

Our wine gift paper bags are designed to fit standard-sized wine bottles, typically 750ml.

2. Can wine gift paper bags hold bottles other than wine?

These bags can also hold other similarly shaped bottles [e.g.champagne, spirits, gourmet oils] and other long and narrow items.

3. Do wine gift paper bags come with handles?

Yes, our wine paper bags have twisted paper and rope handle options.

4. Are these wine gift paper bags reusable?

Our wine bottle bags are made from durable kraft paper and can be reused.

5. Can wine gift paper bags be personalised or customised?

These bags are plain without any text, so you can brand these bags with logos or messages, to add a personal touch.

6. Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases of wine gift paper bags?

Yes, we provide discounted rates for bulk purchases, making it cost-effective for businesses to buy larger quantities. These include

  • Pack of 50
  • Pack of 100
  • Pack of 300
  • Pack of 1200
  • Pack of 3000